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With Zebrix clamping building blocks, children learn to build and construct in a playful way. There are two different stone formats available. The square stones have 4 clamping knobs on their top.

The stones can be combined with terminal blocks from other manufacturers. However, they are deliberately kept large format: 

  • Zebrix stones are perfect for this too larger “construction projects” such as complete playhouses, castle walls, walls or life-size figures
  • Thanks to their size, the stones cannot be swallowed. Therefore they are suitable even for small children to playfully explore the various construction options and simply learn motor and cognitive skills

Thanks to their design, Zebrix clamping building blocks can be put together intuitively even by children who are not yet familiar with other plastic building blocks. The risk of finger pinching is extremely low thanks to the basic principle used here.

Depending on the package size, small builders can implement larger or smaller projects.

MADE IN GERMANY : Our building blocks are made in Germany.
Recommended age : from 6 months

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