Zebrix: Building blocks for an infinite imagination

With Zebrix clamping building blocks, children learn to build and construct in a playful way

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Stone formats

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Children become little builders

There are no limits to children's imagination. The stones can be used to create both small and large constructions. From flowers to houses, the stones offer endless possibilities for building projects to be realized. Depending on the package size, different forms can be implemented.

Promotes the child's skills

Building playfully promotes the child's various skills, including fine motor and cognitive skills as well as sensory, mathematical and somatic education. Thanks to their design, Zebrix building blocks can be put together intuitively even by children who are not yet familiar with other plastic building blocks.

Suitable for indoors or outdoors

The XXL building blocks are ideal for building indoors or outdoors. The material is UV-resistant and has optimal weather stability. In addition, it feels soft and pleasantly warm, but at the same time is extremely abrasion-resistant, so Zebrix building blocks can be used without hesitation on sensitive floors.

Made in Germany: Building blocks made from the best material

Microfol PP-Soft has an extremely pleasant feel and does not evaporate

What can be built with the different package sizes?

Depending on the package size, larger or smaller projects can be carried out
be implemented. The imagination knows no limits.

Construction examples:

50 stones: smaller projects such as flowers, table and chairs

100 stones: castle wall

150 stones: Tipi

200 bricks: larger projects like a small house

The risk of finger pinching is eliminated by this
The basic principle used is extremely low and therefore even the little ones can have fun with these XXL building blocks.