Material information

MADE IN GERMANY: Clamping blocks made of the best material

The building blocks are made from Microfol PP-Soft. This material is stable and not open-pored. Dirt and germs cannot penetrate the game pieces and impair hygiene. Dirt adhering to the surface can be easily wiped off. Microfol PP-Soft is microwave-safe, dishwasher-safe and can be used in a very wide temperature range from -70°C to +80°C. Temperatures of +100° C may also be exceeded for a short time, so that the Zebrix building blocks can be easily sterilized by boiling. If desired, the stones can be provided with an antibacterial additive to prevent germs from adhering.

Other positive properties of the material: Microfol PP-Soft has excellent weatherproof properties. Unlike many other plastics (especially TPE), the material is UV-resistant and has optimal weather stability. Zebrix stones do not become brittle or cracked even due to sun, rain or temperature fluctuations, and there is no need to worry about the color fading.

Microfol PP-Soft has an extremely pleasant feel. The material feels soft and pleasantly warm, but at the same time is extremely abrasion-resistant. The eraser-like abrasion that occurs with TPE and other soft plastics does not play a role with this material. This means that Zebrix building blocks can be used safely on sensitive floors.

Due to its chemical composition, Microfol PP-Soft does not evaporate. The Zebrix clamping modules can also be used permanently and wear-free, without any noticeable changes to the material or appearance. Due to their high cut and scratch resistance, Zebrix building blocks can withstand (almost) anything and can certainly bring a lot of joy to the next generation.

Despite the excellent material properties, Zebrix clamping blocks are also subject to a certain aging process. Although this process is slower than with many other terminal blocks, at some point even the best blocks reach their limit.

PP-Soft is an easily recyclable material. The production itself does not cause any problematic environmental toxins, which means that no such substances can arise during disposal. Zebrix clamping blocks are made from 50 - 60% recycled plastic and are therefore a great example of a sustainably manufactured product.